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Elevate your Purim gift-giving with Henlys
Gifts 2024 Mishloach Manos collection.

Perfect for corporate gifts, teacher
appreciation, or simply sharing joy with loved


Choose from our curated collection of
luxurious treats, artisanal delights, and
elegant presentation. Make a lasting
impression and show your appreciation in


Order now and make this Purim one to
remember! Contact us for customized
corporate and bulk orders.


Henlys Gifts is the brainchild of Hendy and Libby. After meeting in 2006 and discovering they shared many interests and talents, they eventually opened this Monsey, New York- based gift shop.


Both stay-at-home moms made time in their busy schedules to nurture their creative sides. They started with art classes, which evolved into custom designs. Soon, after cre- ating a few gifts, they had earned a following.


With no intentions of this happening, they suddenly found themselves in a business. It all started with a little white box used as a party favor and eventually grew to welcome hostess packages and upscale gifts for all. The key to their success is their passion for everything they do.


Surprise your loved ones with a custom gift

 from our gift shop as a thoughtful way to show you care.

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